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Students from the University of Mondragon have visited IKOR

During these days and as a part of the IKOR activities program "Approaching IKOR to the University" students from the University of Mondragon have been visiting our facilities.  

The visit was conducted in two phases: The first was for the Electronic Degree students, accompanied by their teachers Jon Aranguren and Antonio Barbero. The visit consisted of an educational talk, followed by a visit to the production plant IKOR.

Visita IKOR  Mondragon Universidad

The second visit was for the Master of Embedded Systems students , accompanied by their teachers Eñaut Muxika and Urtzi Markiegi.


Visita IKOR  Mondragon Universidad


IKOR wants to thank the University of Mondragon and their teachers for all the support and interest shown during the visits.

Thank you all!




IKOR, 29 April 2015