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IKOR rewards the idea "Turnings Beds" in the Ingenuity and Tecnun Design contest"

Last Friday IKOR attended the awards ceremony of the national contest "Ingeniuty and Design" created by Tecnun (University of Navarra).This contest aims to promote and encourage creativity among young students, applying engineering through innovative ideas into sports or technological products already on the market.

premios minThe IX edition of this contest ended last Friday with the participation of 270 projects led by about 800 young students from around the country.

The winners in this edition have been; Almudena Plate and Julia Gomez from Ayalde school in Vizcaya, achieved the Tecnun-Gaztenpresa Award for cleaner side mirror and a headphone with retractable wire respectively.

Furthermore, Ana Ruyra Lopez and Virginia Martin Campoy from The Tables Valverde school in Madrid, won the Tecnun-IKOR Prize for their work "Turning beds" consisting of a system of interchangeable bunk beds that are moved by a motor added to the structure allowing an easy access.

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The IK4 awards went to Sofia de León, María Moreno and Salvador Lais from the Altozano school in Alicante for their "Backpack with inner light". Alex Godoy and Itoitz Iglesia from Hirukide school in Tolosa, for their "wheelchair's adaptor to the sun"

Congratulations to all!


IKOR, 21 April 2015