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Health and Wealth socio-economic development a RIS3 Euskadi challenge

Last 1st of July the presentation of the 2015 Competitiveness report took place at the Kursaal Palace in Donostia. The event was presented by the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu.

Before the event, a serie of five specialized thematic seminars were celebrated. These seminars were focussed on the priority areas included in the 2020 Science and Technology Plan.


On behalf of IKOR as the Technology Director of the group, Iñigo Oñederra participated in the seminar titled: Health and Wealth - socio-economic development - a RIS3 Euskadi challenge. He presented the work that we develop in projects related with Health, either with projects submitted by consolidated companies or new entrepreneurial initiatives that reach IKOR through organizations such as Bic Berrilan, which was also taking part of the event.

One of the challenges that come up successively from the participants was the need to meet the different and very demanding standards of the sector. Following that, we explain our decision to get the ISO 13485 certificate and adapt our process to overcome the FDA regulation. We hope to achieve this milestones before the end or this year.


IKOR, 06 July 2015