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Our Strategy


We are an organization of responsible, involved and committed people to our Project, with advanced technological knowledge, innovating in development, validation, manufacture and maintenance of electronic products. We have the objective to serve our global customers and create value for our Group.


We aim to be benchmark in providing higher value-added services in the electronics sector to customers from different sectors by supporting the well-being of society and the sustainability of our Group.


  • Teamwork
  • Customer Oriented
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Outstanding Management

The foundations of our management model

  • Our management model is based on trus as the key element in business processes.
  • The Group's VALUES, developed over 35 years of business experience, never lapse and are used as the basis of all our activity.
  • Development of the Group's VALUES, and the abilities they generate.
  • Our VALUES must be developed, lived, shared and transferred throughout the whole Organisation.
  • They must be at the forefront when recruiting and evaluating employees.