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OneDay 2019, "Ganggaangsullae, traditional Korean performance."

In 2018, we celebrated our first "OneDay" worldwide. Besides conveying the “One ebm-papst” strategy, the aim of oneDay was to better connect employees across departments, locations and countries, as well as strengthen team cohesion and generate the "One ebm-papst" spirit.

A few days ago, we celebrated our "OneDay" again. To this purpose, all the companies of the group carried out a "Challenge" proposed by another subsidiary of the group. This year our challenge came from ebm-papst Korea, while we launched ours to ebm-papst Norway.

The Challenge proposed from Korea has been to perform a dance typical of Korean folklore, the "Ganggangsullae" and has been designated Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco. Ganggangsullae is an important tradition that originates from the rice farming culture. It's performance to pray a good harvest by performing cycle-dance to the lyrics and rhythms of each local people.

The basis of “Ganggangsullae” is that several people hold hands, draw “circle" and perform a merrily circle dance to the music. By doing circle-dance, everyone can reflect the meaning of cooperation, equality and friendship, and also the same pronunciation of “circle" in Korean and "One" in English is very meaningful.

Here you have our challenge: 

Bearing in mind that this year Oslo has been named European Green Capital 2019, at IKOR we have decided to take this opportunity for our colleagues in Oslo to make a small tribute to this appointment in their challenge. That's why the Challenge that we have proposed to them has been that the 9 members of the office go to work one day by bicycle. 

We will inform you about the winner of the Challenge in the next few days.