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IKOR Prize for Engineering and Design, Tecnun 2018

Last Friday May 4th the Engineering School of the University of Navarre Tecnun held the 2018 edition of the Engineering and Design Contest, which encourages the creativity and technological ingenuity of 4th year secondary school students and those in the 1st and 2nd year of baccalaureate across Spain. 

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This year, the IKOR Prize has been awarded to Asier Ortega Arbosa, Jon Tolosa Alonso and Markel Berganzo Besga, students at Marianistas School in Vitoria, for their “Multi-field LED” project: “Many sports facilities incorporate various sports fields in one place to save time and space, and the players struggle to see which line corresponds to the area for the sport they're playing”, explained Jon Tolosa, one of the students behind the project. “We propose the installation of LED lights instead of lines. These would be activated or deactivated by remote control based on the needs of each sport”, continued Asier Ortega.

IKOR wishes to congratulate the winning students and all participants for their ingenuity and originality in view of the high level of this year’s competition.

See you in 2019!

IKOR, 07 May 2018