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At IKOR, as a responsible company committed to the environment, we have launched a campaign in which we are committed to reducing our consumption of plastic in a remarkable way. As the first action of this campaign, we are committed to reducing our consumption of plastic cups (we use more than 68,000 plastic cups every year at IKOR San Sebastian!). This action will be followed by others of greater significance to show our commitment to the environment. 

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Single-use plastics have been used for almost everything since the 1960s, even though it has long been known how harmful it is to the environment. Unfortunately since this use began, only a small part is recycled, the vast majority ends up out of control, remains "out there" as waste, reaching natural spaces and fragmenting until they are almost impossible to remove, becoming "microplastics".

These pieces of less than a few millimeters end up being ingested by animals and entering the food chain, causing problems ranging from the death of the animal, to hormonal disorders, both in them, as in us if we consume them. As a curious fact, the word "microplastic" has been chosen word of the year in 2018, showing the emergency to spread this problem to raise awareness among consumers.

Therefore, taking measures to reduce plastic waste is a growing trend. Since last year, plastic bags are being charged in supermarkets, and a roadmap has been established between now and 2021 for them to disappear once and for all. Some countries around Europe are going further, such as France, where plastic cups, plates and cutlery will soon be banned.

At IKOR, as an ISO 14001 certified company, we not only want to be up to date with environmental legislation, but we also want to be one step ahead. The plastic waste we generate at IKOR is one of the environmental indicators that is evaluated annually, and by taking measures to reduce it we show our commitment to carrying out our work in an environment that is respectful of the environment.

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IKOR, 17 June 2019