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IKOR Award, Tecnun 2019 Engineering and Design Competition

Last Friday, September 13, the School of Engineers of the University of Navarra- Tecnun organized another year and the 15th edition of the Ingenio y Diseño 2019 Competition is now in its 15th year. This competition seeks to " encouraging the imagination of young people through the application of innovative ideas". 

 Hirukide 2º Premio IKOR

This year 52 projects have been presented, 12 of them were selected by the Tecnun jury and three went on to the final. As in previous years, this edition was sponsored by IKOR and Laboral Kutxa Bank. As opposed to previous editions, the students had to design the project and present it. After the presentation of the finalist projects, the jury gave the awards to:  

  • First award for students Andoni Alfonso, Ander Dufur and Mario Eguillor, from the Iturrama Secondary School in Pamplona, with their project "Lokoturbin". A wind tunnel created to determine the blade profile that best behaves in the face of a laminar flow. A wind tunnel has been developed and a laminar flow has been created in order to experiment with different profiles. Both the tunnel and the blades have been designed and manufactured by the students. By impacting the flow on the blade, a scale registers the lift force that is produced on the blade. 
  • Second award, IKOR Award for the students Leire Estanga, Jon Agorreta and Leire Enrique, from Herrikide Ikastetxea in Tolosa, for their project "Mowite".  It is an intelligent system by means of an APP that allows to activate or deactivate domestic appliances, as well as to know the level of consumption in each moment. An electronic system has been designed to be able to know at all times the consumption of an appliance, from the mobile you can turn it off or on, as well as know the watts of consumption. The housing of the equipment has been designed and manufactured in 3D.
  • Third award was given to the students Carlos de Miguel Latorre, César González Cabeza and Pablo Gutiérrez Ubierna from the Las Fuentes-Alcaste centre in La Rioja for the "Ecocharge" project. System to take advantage of the kinetic energy of the pedalling of a bicycle or a skate in the recharge of a mobile phone. It is a system based on a dynamo that is capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, and thus be able to charge the mobile while pedalling. From 3km/h of speed begins recharging.

From IKOR we would like to congratulate both the winning students and the rest of the participants for their ingenuity and originality in developing the projects, due to the high level of the projects.

See you in 2020!

IKOR, 16 September 2019