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IKOR - Tecnun Creativity and Design 2017 Award

One more year the School of Engineers at the University of Navarra Tecnun organized the Creativity and Design 2017 contest. This contest's main objective is promoting creativity and technological wit and is aimed to students at 4th ESO (16-year-old students) course and 1st and 2nd high school (17 to 18 year-old students) across Spain.

The ideas of the students participating in this edition, had to be oriented at improving items by technology in any of its specialties. Ideas that improve the functionality, safety, ergonomics, reliability, etc ... of those articles.

The theme we proposed this year for the IKOR AWARD, was "Internet of Things". After much deliberation due to a large number of proposals received, our R & D department IKOR TECHNOLOGY CENTRE decided to award the "Ecobank" project developed by the students of Sagrados Corazones College, in Miranda de Ebro.

IKOR Creativity and design  2017

The team formed by Carlota Romón Sagredo and Diego Fuente Sagredo presented a sustainable and multifuncional bank, prepared to protect themselves from the rain, wich  is iluminated in the dark, among other functionalities.  

From IKOR we want to congratulate all the participants for their creativity and originality in developing the projects. The IKOR's judging panel selected for this occasion wanted to highlight the high level of the projects summited in this edition.

IKOR, 24 April 2017