Industrial Product Development

desarrollo industrial del producto


At IKOR we put a team of qualified people on each project who aim to define, implement and approve the best production process for mass producing the product while complying with required specifications.

The industrial development process is vital in terms of product quality, with a strong focus on engineering, and for integrating product design and production processes.

Stage 1 Project Planning

Using the most advanced techniques in project management, we determine product quality planning (APQP), with the aim that this planning stage will lead us to set specifications in terms of the time, cost and quality.

Stage 2 Product Definition

Using the customer and sector's specifications and requirements, during this stage all relevant aspects related to the product are determined in order to carry out everything from provisioning to manufacturing while complying with established requirements:

  • Product structure definition.
  • Selection of materials and suppliers.
  • Alternative design proposals, aimed at optimising quality and cost (Design for Manufacturability).

Stage 3 Manufacturing Process Definition

Using advanced quality methods, the process is defined with the aim of optimising cost and ensuring product quality. Some of the methodologies applied:

  • FMEA.
  • Process lay-out.
  • Raw material control plan.
  • Production process control plan.
  • Production process documents with process parameters.
  • Capacity studies (Cp – Cpk).

Stage 4 Definition and Validation of Test and Verification Systems

We study the combination of different testing systems with the aim of obtaining the best detection possible to achieve the intended quality ratio and customer satisfaction.

We combine these testing systems with product traceability and record the different test results obtained for each unit tested.

We define and construct different automatic testing systems:

  • ICT (Flying Probe, Teradyne, Checksum and TRI).
  • FCT (CompactRio, XJTAG Boundary Scan).
  • Poka-yoke mechanisms.

Stage 5 Pre-series Manufacturing

We take great care when manufacturing the pre-series, ensuring that all means of production and processes are set up so the production process is standardised, repetitive and robust.

Stage 6 Process Validation and Means of Production

We evaluate and monitor the manufacturing process to ensure its optimisation and to obtain the intended quality results.

The production process is only approved when quality objectives are achieved.