Mass production

Mass production

IKOR provides in each project its more than 35 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of electronic products. We offer a highly qualified workforce and production installations with next generation machinery and resources so we can guarantee the strictest levels of quality.

IKOR offers flexible lines and resources for manufacturing, adapting to the production of small and large series.

Our Policy of Quality control and continuous improvement means we can optimise processes with the aim of providing the highest standards of quality and reliability.


  • IPC-610 (Class 2 and 3). IPC member.
  • ESD protected installations in accordance with standard EN 61340.
  • Handling of parts in accordance with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033, Standard for Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture Reflow Sensitive SMDs

Stage 1Receipt and Inspection of Materials (component traceability)

Inspection of all references purchased. Control of entry by batch, traceability and FIFO system.

Automatic warehouses with humidity and temperature control, complying with standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 on humidity sensitive devices (according to MSL).

Low humidity rooms.

Vacuum packing of components.

Stage 2SMT Assembly Lines

Serigraphy: 100% accuracy in depositing solder paste at soldering points (Vision 2D with 1,700 mega pixels).

Pick and Place machines with uBGA, CSP and POP assembly. Fine pitch components of up to 0.3 mm and chips of up to 01005 in size.

Assembly on flexible circuits and pin in paste.

Systematic Cp-Cpk analysis.

12 zone reflow oven with nitrogen atmosphere. Unleaded soldering (RoHS). Thermal profile control based on CpK analysis.

AOI: Automatic inspection of all circuits.

X-ray inspection for parts with hidden soldering (BGAs, uBGAs, QFNs).

Stage 3THT Assembly Lines

PTH and press fit assembly of components.

Soldering machines with nitrogen atmosphere. Unleaded soldering (RoHS). Thermal profile control based on CpK analysis.

Selective soldering (RoHS – No RoHS).

AOI: Automatic inspection of all circuits.

Stage 4Test Systems (ICT, FCT, Boundary scan)

Teradyne, TRI and Checksum ICT systems. 2000 point capacity. Takaya flying probe.

Automatic test systems based on CompactRIO and National Instruments (VF3522).

XJTAG boundary scan system.

Stage 5Product Traceability by CODE DATA MATRIX

Laser marking for component traceability and process stage by CODE DATA MATRIX.

Stage 6Automatic Circuit Depaneling

High precision automatic depaneling lines, adaptable for small or large series. (Axis precision +/- 0.02 mm; boring +/-0.15 mm).

Stage 7Circuit Wash Cycle

Washing machine with 4 drums (clean, pre-rinse, rinse and dry). No ultrasound. Capable of eliminating ionic pollution.

Stage 8Coating

We have automatic lines for dispensing, applying and curing silicones, polyurethanes and varnishes so your product can withstand the most demanding environmental conditions.

Stage 9Box Building

We develop and process the manufacturing and quality control of mechanical parts with different finishes (plastic, metal, etc.) for perfect electronic coupling.

Stage 10Burn-in and Life Tests

Thermal chambers for accelerated life tests, infant mortality detection and faulty batches in high temperature and humidity conditions.