Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services

At IKOR we focus on combining supply chain management with excellence to try and achieve the highest level of service at the lowest possible total cost in terms of inventory.  By applying different tools, at IKOR we plan the demand and manage the stock / service relationship. We also carry out a Collaborative Forecast, providing the best and most accurate predictions with a high degree of automation.

At IKOR, orders and forecasts are managed with the following INPUTS:

  • Product delivery period.
  • Requested delivery date.
  • Level of service required by customers.
  • Components time period.
  • Supplier level of service.
  • ABC classification of parts.
  • Minimum order quantity.
  • Manufacture batch.

Good forecast management allows us to achieve a high level of service by optimising inventories and minimising obsolete materials.

Global Purchase Management:

  • Panel of global suppliers (suppliers in the 3 continents where the Group operates).
  • Supplier evaluation and qualification systems.
  • SQA team in each continent.

This means we can achieve quality assurance at extremely competitive prices.