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At IKOR we know about the high requirement levels of the electromedicine sector and we have worked on the certification of our quality management system according to the ISO13485 standard, a reference for the sector, and have been the first Spanish EMS to receive it.

Some of the medical products we manufacture include in vitro self-diagnosis devices for coagulation tests, control cards for defibrillators, haemodialysis equipment, precision scales, electronic valves, etc.

This sector's level of requirement is transferred to the different operations we carry out. The relationship with the customer is managed through a specialised team that is familiar with the particularities of the sector and which monitors the manufacturing process, which entails a total traceability system (process and components according to the manufacture batch), and the documental management of the product.

Our engineers at the IKOR Technology Centre can take responsibility for and/or support the customer during the product development phase, while they can monitor other services, such as the active monitoring of components, which translates into a reduction of the risks derived from the obsolescence of electronic components.